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T: Zero Seven Eight One Six Six Six Zero One Five Eight
E: ferdinand dot francino at gmail dot com
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People frequently state they have 10 years experience while in fact they have 1 year experience which was repeated ten times. Not in my case. And because I've got a such wide range of experiences and skills under my belt I've decided to also provide a somewhat more original interactive CV. It is based on a narrative consisting of sequential chapters available in ascending (oldest first) order that better explains the sum of my experiences than a dry listing and also gives valuable insight in the sequential development of my skills.
The Full Narrative is just that, one read from education to current. But be warned, it's quite a read. Grab a coffee.
The Sections versions allows you to select if you'd like to read a section of the narrative or the skills/activities involved during that period.

↓ is ascending (oldest first).

↑ is descending (newest first).
The Summary gives a very short overview of my work experiences, the origins of which are provided in the previous sections, and includes a grouped selection of software I'm proficient or familiar with.

For those feeling less adventurous I've provided a somewhat more traditional but extremely condensed CV in various formats for download below.

Finally, I'm hand coding this in a text editor on acid (Notepad++), HTML & CSS with a touch of JavaScript/JQuery and I'm a bit rusty there so it's rather basic. But it should adapt to be mobile & tablet friendly; you either have big margins (on a big screen) or tiny ones in other cases. I'm still testing this functionality and design may be borked.

CV Open Document Format

CV MS Word Format

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