Work Experiences:

I've worked in a range of organisational sizes, from small, completely volunteer organisations via (and to) professional volunteer organisations (where a limited number of paid staff coordinates a larger number of volunteers) to completely professional organisations, again in a range of scales. I've worked both in as for large professional bodies. Commercial, Cultural, Governmental, Academic. No organisational position, initiating or facilitating and supporting would faze or surprise me & I can adjust to pretty much any structure and culture. I've simultaneously coordinated practically anarchistic metal-heads and collaborated with the highest echelons of government, aligning their interests.

I've done initiating, planning, budgeting, reporting. From executive summaries via outlines to detailed proposals. (You'll find some of these proposals on this site in the near future.)

I've introduced rather innovative technologies to somewhat conservative or otherwise reluctant (members of) existing organisations and got better and more experienced at it every time.

I've even worked in positions where you do what you're told and how you're told to do it. Admittedly, these are the least interesting and shortest lived positions but I can do it if so required. (I can imagine, for instance, that a particular project for a particular customer requires adjustment to an operational structure. But I won't have a career in an organisation that doesn't at the very least allow for initiative and flexibility.)

I've worked alone and in teams, I've lead teams and set them up to have ultimately somebody else lead them, connected into a larger organisation (or collection of teams). I've worked and delivered without supervision worth mentioning and operated in bureaucratic, managed structures.

Just give me my coffee and nobody gets hurt.


English: Fluent, excellent (written and verbal)

Dutch: Native, outstanding (written and verbal)

German: Rusty, decent (verbal), acceptable (written)

Software: (click section to expand)


I've worked with office software since before computers were equipped with an internal hard drive. But I've never touched an Apple.
  1. Microsoft
  2. Open Office
  3. Google Docs
  4. Notepad++ & DroidEdit
  5. .....


Some of these skills might be a bit rusty. The last LAMP and PHP/MySQL user registration was somewhere in 2013 for instance. And I've not made a commercial website in over a decade (while I did create my own -now deleted- subsection in the GCU website). Still hand coding in Notepad++.
  1. Apache
  2. HTML (a touch of canvas)
  3. MySQL
  4. PHP
  5. CSS
  6. JavaScript/JQuery
  7. FTP (FileZilla)
  8. IRC (mIRC client, UnreallRCd server)
  9. Virtual Learning Enviroment (BlackBoard)
  10. Content Management Systems(using, modifying and populating)
  11. .....

The Creative Suite

Graphic, Audio and 3D.
  1. The GIMP Open Source PhotoShop Equivalent
  2. Videopad
  3. Audacity
  4. Wings 3D Open Source Subdivision Modeller
  5. Blender Scratched the surface for modelling. Interface looks like the space shuttle cockpit. Used for animation of designs imported from Wings 3D
  6. QAvimator
  7. DAZ Studio with Luxrender
  8. Poser
  9. .....

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds has it's own section in this website and depends on many software packages mentioned in other sections so I'll be brief here.
  1. Second Life Content Creation and (land/user) Management
  2. Open Simulator Server installation & configuration, Content Creation and (land/user) Management via LAMP
  3. Various viewers
  4. Wings 3D Open Source Subdivision Modeller
  5. QAvimator
  6. .....


I've been playing games for decades. This list, from memory, is far from complete. Some game cross genres.
  1. RPG: Diablo series (all), Gothic series (1, 2), NeverWinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, Divine Divinity, Elder Scrolls series (3, 4, 5), Fallout series (all), Path of Exile
  2. MMO RPG: Dark Age of Camelot, Conan, World of Warcraft (from closed beta till Frozen Throne), Rift, EVE Online, Fallen Earth, Secret World, ...
  3. Strategy: Age of Empires, Warcraft, Starcraft, Civilisation, Command & Conquer, ....
  4. Survival: DayZ, Rust, How to Survive, ARK, 7 Days to Die, State of Decay, Stranded Deep....
  5. Simulation: Pizza Tycoon, The Sims, Sim City, Planetbase, Euro Truck Simulator, Stronghold....
  6. Racing: Need for speed, Colin McCrae, Gran Toursimo, ...
  7. Adventure: Leisure Suit Larry series, Kings -, Police -, Heroes Quest, Ripper, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman ...
  8. FPS: Doom, Quake, Half Life, Call of Duty, Deus Ex (FPS optional), ...
  9. .....
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