Some Samples

OpenSim InteriorI've been Project Manager Virtual Worlds at Glasgow Caledonian University from November 2007 to August 2014 and in that period I've delivered the module "3D Internet and Virtual Worlds" to 4th year honour students for two years. I'm an associate member of the Higher Education Society.

The Architecture section shows some images in the context of a plug to to that sector. You can safely ignore the text.

I'm hand coding this in a text editor on acid (Notepad++), HTML & CSS with a touch of JavaScript/JQuery and I'm a bit rusty there so it's rather basic. But it should adapt to be mobile & tablet friendly; you either have big margins (on a big screen) or tiny ones in other cases. I'm still testing this functionality and design may be borked. I have for instance noticed this to be the fact on landscape mobile devices. The embedded videos aren't responsive yet either. I'll work on it later.

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